an epitaph for justice

prayers for 2022

In the dawn of the new year, the past two years continue to weigh heavily. We continue to live in an apocalyptic age, experiencing the revelations of deep, systemic injustices towards all of Creation, including our fellow brothers and sisters.

Supply Chains

The pandemic has unraveled many myths and hidden truths of how we get things. The reality is that we are all deeply intertwined, in need of one another. We cannot believe that we are an island to ourselves, nor that we ought to create communities that have no need for others. We must pray in repentance for having taken for granted so many people who work, often unjustly, for us to receive and pray for the just recompense for the laborers of the field, factory, transportation, and store.

Climate Crisis

Our treatment of the planet entrusted to our care is abysmal, and we continue to experience the natural consequences. Even more pressing is the outsized impact of these consequences to those most vulnerable already. Our mindsets of controlling our environment limit us from the freedom of cooperation with the rest of Creation. We must pray in repentance for what we have taken for granted and pray for the will to live in new ways that honor the Earth and all life within it.

A Prayer of Remembrance

Bless us, O Lord, in these Thy gifts,
which we are about to receive

Bless Creation
which provided Thy gifts

Bless the laborers
who brought us Thy gifts

And bless those unable to share in these gifts,
that they may receive also

out of Thy bounty
through Creation, laborers, and Christ our Lord