an epitaph for justice

martyrdom and saints

During the Boxer Rebellion in China during the turn of the 20th century, a man named Mark Ji Tianxiang was martyred on July 7, 1900. He was lifelong addict to opium and was denied the sacrements. Yet, even in the midst of this, he remained faithful and in the face of death, continued to pray and love others. A century later, he was canonized as a saint.

What makes a martyr?

George Floyd, in his final moments, declared the dignity of the human person. In the midst of injustice, he did not curse his oppressors, but sought to remind them and all of us about the truth about the value of human life, of a Black life. A martyr is not one who has lived a perfect life, but one who has died giving witness to Christ through their death.

And what can be said of his miracle? That after his death, systemic structures are falling down. Hearts are turning towards repentance. People are seeking truth and justice.


George Floyd, pray for us.