an epitaph for justice

eugenical conclusions

We can’t let you be in our country!

You are illegal. Even if it takes us taking away your babies, splitting up your family, what would happen if we showed mercy? There is hope, faith, and love, but the greatest of these is the law. You are taking all the jobs that we weren’t doing, paying the taxes that we benefit from, building up the communities that we’ve abandoned. There isn’t enough at this American table for you. All lives matter; but some lives matter more than others.

We can’t let you abuse SNAP and food stamps!

You can’t feed your family because you were irresponsible, you should have had less kids. Even though you already work hard or can’t find work where you live, we want you to remember that one strike and you’re out. Maybe if you stopped having so much sex outside of marriage, actually had multiple parents, or just had a couple of abortions you’d be better off.

We can’t pay you more than minimum wage! 

You can’t afford an apartment because you are too lazy, you should have worked harder and gotten a better job. Even though there isn’t enough affordable housing, or you would have to spend more than 30% of your income, or work 3 jobs, it’s obviously your fault. Just think about all the corporations that won’t be able to make a killing if we pay you more. Corporations are people too. Maybe you should consider assisted suicide as you are a drain on society’s resources.

We can’t let you have access to adequate healthcare!

You can’t cover your pre-existing condition? Well who’s fault is that you were born with a disability, got cancer, or have been pregnant? It’s not ours. Are we our brother’s keeper? This is just natural selection and your life is obviously not worth living.