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written November 2015

Ancient tree, sacred heart of the forest
How many have walked before your stately trunk?
How many depths are found by your hallowed roots?
How many broken hearts have sat at your feet?
I sit here, small, humble, fickle
Yet here you stand, tall, proud, unwavering
Through thousands of years
Through thousands of tears
Steadfast through the storm
Life remains, life persists
My troubles are like a morning fog
Blown away in a moment by a passing breeze

Majestic mountain, stalwart of the land
How many have tread upon your solemn shoulders?
How many sunrises and moonsets have graced your peaks?
How many worthless wars have been fought at your footsteps?
I walk upon your lonely back,
carrying the weight of the world
Yet you are unburdened of daily strife
When you move the earth shakes
An age passes but it is only a day
Patiently you wait for the shifting of seasons
I am but a pebble, my worries but a speck of sand
Forgotten in the erosion of time

Holy God, Creator of the heavens and earth
Who am I? How insignificant I am, how young I am!
The tree has stood for millennium
The mountain has weathered for millions more
Yet the tree was crafted into a cross
The mountain into Calvary
That you might give salvation to me
You died upon your Creation,
by the hands of your Creation,
To bring restoration to your Creation
The spirit of the forest, the spirit of the land all give glory to You
How great is Your eternal love! I live to worship You.