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(touch of a woman)

written June 2016

The touch of a woman is fleeting
Yet how I long to feel
The lightest feather brushing like a giant wave in the distance
Fingers entwined, anticipation of refreshment with a soft breeze against a soft cheek
Lips lush like an ocean sunset
Eyes deeper than the ocean that look knowingly, exploring every angle, every curve
Followed by a slowly preceding wave smoothing over, crashing against the cliffs
An unquenchable thirst cooled by the splash of mist as the wave slowly recedes over entangled bodies

Yet would I trade a moment of infinite passion
For an infinity with the Most Passionate?

Who knows the depth of my soul, every crack and crevice of my heart but my Creator?
Who can sustain a spark into a raging flame?
Ravish my body with Your refining fire, until every cell is imprinted by your essence
Crying out with agony of pleasure in Your Presence for an eternity.

For the touch of a woman is fleeting, but the glory of the Lord endures forever.