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written March 2017

Terrorism is defined as:
the unlawful use
of violence
and intimidation
in the pursuit of
political aims

A white man
With a black gun
Shooting silver bullets
Bursting into multichromatic skin hues
Creating flowing red rivers
The mission if you choose to accept?
To make America white again

And I am the target

I am a cross product of Taiwanese immigrants
Proud to be born an American
I didn’t choose my melanin
But proud to be who I am:

The target

No matter how well I speak
No matter how hard I work
No matter how high I go
I am still in your crosshairs

Maybe my fears are irrational
But yours are rooted in alternative facts:
Immigrants, refugees, and people of color are lazy welfare scum
–Yet still start businesses and bring life to cities you abandoned
Immigrants, refugees, and people of color are taking jobs
–But corporate greed won’t pay us what we’re all worth
Immigrants, refugees, and people of color are deadly
–Yet you are more likely to die in a car accident

This is the lone wolf epidemic
White fragility is the diagnosis;
empathy is the prescription
It’s not your skin color that’s at fault
It is your way of individualistic,
blame-others-for-lack-of-personal-responsibility-yet-claim-unfair-rules schtick,
desire for control–
for everything to go your way
at the expense of my body

But you are just standing your ground
On rock that was never yours to claim
Your violence is self-defense
Your intimidation is justified fear
Your pursuit is not partisan
But for Homeland security

And I am the target
Your terrorism is just enforcement