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Psalm of Restoration

written September 2015

I look upon where I once stood
A land filled with honey and hope
A future full of light and blessings to the nations
But I took that which was not mine
Trampled upon the growing fruit
In my sin, I hid in darkness what I stole

Once blessed beyond measure
Now scorned beyond belief
I revealed my true self and I expected love, I expected grace
Instead I was cast off into wilderness; I became disgust incarnate
My people see me as a curse
What I have wrought upon myself!

Yet my God has not yet forsaken me
He whom I call Father still calls me son
I do not understand
What place do I fulfill on this earth?
Take me away, hide my face
Lest my leporous body becomes contagion upon the nations


Restore me Lord to that which is undeserved
Allow me to return to my people
Allow me to be a blessing to nations
Though I am scorned, I speak truth
Though I am disgust, I speak hope
May I simply be your glorious reflection