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written August 2015

Moon, full moon, bright moon
How are you tonight?
You shine so brightly
Glowing and reflecting the beauty of the sun
Yet I know that you hide
The dark side which is alone
Cold beyond measure

I stand upon the lonely earth
Watching you, observing you
With a cool breeze that chills to the bone
While a raging fire blazes
Inside my soul trying to understand, trying to make sense
Outside forever smelling my singed flesh
Yet life clings and refuses to release

Where is she? Where is she now?
The one who knew me most
I long to see her smile
A smile that brought warmth to the soul
I long to feel her touch
A touch that brought a calm to the flames
A touch that healed scars and burns

Alas moon, I stand to reflect
Forever to shine brightly
Tormented by the dark