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written September 2015

Another mass shooting
Another isolated incident
What happened?

The lone gunman. Always alone
Separated from society,
Lost his mind

It’s like we’re looking at a blinking light
Thinking that each one is different
But maybe there is a pattern

Immediately the boxing gloves come out
Control on the left and Freedom on the right

Freedom, cries out for self-defense
But why would we trust you with a gun?
You are the system.
You might be the next shooter.

Control, cries out for self-protection
But what hope do you offer?
You are the system.
There is no protection you can give.

The product of society is empty
Disassociation, hopelessness
Someone not drinking in the opiates
Sees the truth of reality: you are alone

And in the shadows lie our brethren
The body count growing
As empty arguments circle around like carrions
Waiting to devour the next victims

Nothing will happen, nothing will change
While the factory of society churns out another lone wolf