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written December 2015

Beating hearts are bleeding hearts
Waiting for a touch that heals
Without creating new wounds

Beating hearts are silent drums
Keeping the passing of time
Through the darkest of night

March – step in line, keep the beat
Parade of broken hearts on display
Flags waving, solemn staring
As life salutes the hopeful


Safely in an embrace
Secure, without fear of imagination
Guided into a harbor
Only to crash into hidden reefs


Why won’t the pain subside
How much blood can I lose
The noise grows louder
Demanding war and peace


Cut again by trust and promises
Still we search for what cannot be found
Tomorrow brings another day
Yet there is no reprieve of this world
To continue forward

CHORUS (quiet)

Each scar is a tattoo story
Displaying the love of the Father
Sorrow and pain left its mark
Yet only beauty remains

CHORUS (loud)