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written October 2015

The leaves turn slowly
Each one shimmering with vibrant colors
As it floats into the welcoming grave

A still born baby
Birthed without a heartbeat
Yet loved with a torrent of tears

A young girl dying of a brain tumor
Wondering why she was chosen
Her parents bereft of joy and hope

A young boy cowering in the corner
As his parents tear apart the fabric
Watching his family fall into pieces

A girl driving along in the night
One instance there
In the next no longer

A young man crying into the void
As his beloved sails off
With no hope of return

A young woman mourning
The betrayal of her betrothed
The loss of her promised future

A mother slipping away into the night
The battle lost with cancer
The family lost in the silence

An old man losing his mind
Memories disappear, words fall through
As the last twinkling of light passes

Death you have no sting!
My Savior has the victory
Your efforts of destruction are vain

You cut down a tree
And return to find a thousand seeds have grown in its place

Every action you take makes life more precious
You tear asunder
Leaving an artistic masterpiece in the wake

Even you are unable to escape
The touch of the Creator
Yet how you have twisted his art

You seek to devour time, life unlived
Yet your hunger is insatiable
For every life experiences a lifetime

A lifetime flashes by in a second
A lifetime lasts millions of minutes
Your velocity has no impact

Death, how beautiful are your footsteps
Sometimes you take a lifetime to approach
Sometimes you move swiftly

When you come for the rest of my failing flesh
I will welcome your embrace
I will bid adieu to the world as your equal

Even Death brings glory to the Creator of life