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Damaged Goods

written November 2015

I am damaged goods
I’m not complete, I’ve been torn to shreds
Ripped from my mother’s womb
With scars from end to end, all colors of red
Life has been weary, ready for the tomb
Why should I rejoice? I have been ashamed of my face
In my mind the darkness looms
The mirror is my enemy, my reflection is empty space
What else remains besides my impending doom?

I am damaged goods
Scorned as a child, rejected in my youth
Hidden away from public view
My mind is a dark and sick labriynth
My body is is an object to rue
The light furiously burns my soul
Reality is nightmares bleeding through
The sleepless nights have taken its toll
Where is the peace for this unending coup?

I am damaged goods
Yet there is a promise of hope
Yet there is a promise of love
Have faith and climb the rope
Continue and there will be healing from above
Advocates come to my aid
Surrounded in support I never dreamed of
Although my past cannot be repaid
I receive grace and it is enough

I am the damager of goods
As I have walked, I have left a wake of destruction
How long have I been deceived?
My friends have become a reduction
Wielded for what I have achieved
Strangers are fodder in my play
And so many have believed
Yet I betray, steal, and twist to have my way
Who has been untouched as I’ve reaped?

I am the damager of goods
What hope is there for me?
Those I love have been harmed by my harmless fun
What promises of love do I see?
All have departed in a desperate run
Is there restoration for a destroyer?
Is there healing for what I’ve done?
Only blood can satisfy the reaper
And my body withers under the sun

I am the damager of goods
Yet my debt has been paid
On the cross my Savior bled to cover the earth
In the flood I have been remade
Forgiveness arrives in rebirth
The old man is dead, yesterday is gone
The world still sees me as mirth
But I have been washed of all my wrong
Grace speaks, and I know my worth

I am damaged goods
I am the damager of goods
I am reimaged for good