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written July 2017

The simple lie of evangelicalism is wrapped up
in leaflets of Scripture embedded with free market enlightenment
Sacred mystery for sale to the highest bidder
demagogue, loudest boom in the room
drowning out that still, quiet voice

we were all given a choice
and you want to weaponize the red pill
force it down our throats
as if it were an antidote to reality
epoxy coat em-balming excised history
oxycotin to numb the pain, you are mummified
petrified in your fear of the truth

you preach colorblind
so lost in a cloud of whiteness you don’t realize that the sky is blue
and that rainbow in the corner of your eye
is blocked out by those rods
so let me help you with your cones – white dunce caps
who you follow ain’t really him
just a wolf in sheep’s clothing
“ye shall know them by their fruits”
and your firstfruits are used for “alternative culture”
peddling Sunday school treats and “alternative facts”
you sold your birthright for Graham crackers

Your manifest destiny was a crusade for Life against Culture
You stole her through redistricting
marriage as the pathway for the man and woman to be divorced
Appropriating her for yourself, leaving behind a scorched earth
Just war – with policed post-natal executions in the streets
And even after so many colored bodies
you’re still not my brother’s keeper
but you keep Her close
weaponized infantilized woman that you beat on our heads, claiming to protect
while beating off in the bathroom thinking of her breasts
you, hypocrite

Yet this is American Evangelical Christianity
Recognize your sin and complicity
Your desire for simplicity erases our Creator’s creativity
For we live worlds of complexity
massively, messy, intertwined reality
Stop boiling down faith to a three point sermon when it’s really all poetry