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Black is beautiful

written March 2017

Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful
And strong
And creative
And natural
And rhythmic

They tried to craft you in their image
Daring to play gods
Like Dr. Frankenstein
They feared their own creation
Full of Melanin
Deadly, Weaponized skin
God made flesh in
Crucified for their sin
Destined to rein
Forever and ever, Amen

Ashamed of themselves
They dare to look away and call you a monster
But you are beautiful

Black is beautiful

And your purpose is as multicolor as
Every wave, weave, and kink of your hair
As multicolor as
Every shade of milk to dark chocolate
As multicolor as
Every song, step, word that is given

Scientific, soulful minds
Your purpose is to rest in your Creator

And to rest is to resist
To rest IS to resist
To REST is to resist
To rest is to RESIST

Resist through creativity
Resist through planting new ministry
Resist through preaching prophetically

Breaking down the walls of mass incarceration
Ending the nightmare of police brutality
Being the antidote to jingoistic, white evangelistic faith
That would fight for the right to oppress you and I
Preaching the gospel of a bag of cheap tricks held by a white man with a white beard
Keeping our dark-skinned refugee Savior out of Christmas by executive exclusion

So, resist

Resist because you are lit
Because number 45 is not prime
Because there is no power greater
Than He who first said on the sixth day:
It is good.
Because, Black is beautiful.